Diagnostic Imaging Pathways - Iliac Fossa Pain (Acute Left)

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This pathway provides guidance on the imaging of adult patients with left iliac fossa pain, with emphasis on investigations for suspected diverticulitis and its complications.

Date reviewed: January 2012

Date of next review: 2017/2018

Published: January 2012

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No radiation None 0
Minimal radiation Minimal < 1 millisieverts
Low radiation Low 1-5 mSv
Medium radiation Medium 5-10 mSv
High radiation High >10 mSv


Pathway Diagram


Image Gallery

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1a Click to view full size image


Image 1a (Computed Tomography): Inflammatory changes are seen around the sigmoid colon without abscess formation (arrow).

1b Click to view full size image Image 1b (Computed Tomography): Sigmoid diverticulitis complicated by an abscess (arrow).
2a Click to view full size image Diverticular Disease

Image 2a: Sigmoid colectomy showing multiple diverticular outpouchings through the bowel wall. Note the attenuated muscularis propria (black arrows) compared to the normal muscle layer (blue arrow).

2b Click to view full size image Image 2b (H&E, x2.5): Histological section showing an uninflamed diverticulum extending through the muscularis propria of the large bowel wall.

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Teaching Points


Acute Left Iliac Fossa / Pelvic Pain




Double Contrast Barium Enema (DCBE)


Transabdominal / Transvaginal Ultrasound


Plain Radiography


Computed Tomography (CT)



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Further Reading

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