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  • Chief Editor : Clinical Professor Richard Mendelson Click to email me
  • Deputy Editor : Dr Ravinder Dhillon Click to email me
  • Manager : Dr Phillip Bairstow Click to email me
  • Website Development : Mr Robert Long Click to email me
  • Research Fellow : Dr Manusha Ratnayake Click to email me
  • Consumer Information : Mrs Alison Shand Click to email me
  • GP Advisor : Dr Jacquie Garton-Smith
  • Medical Physics Advisor : Professor Richard Fox
  • Pathology Advisor : Dr Daniel Wong


Editorial Panel

  • Dr Ashley Bennett (Image Gallery)
  • Dr Michelle Bennett (Women's Imaging)
  • Mr Tim Benson (Consumer Representative)
  • Dr Andrew Boyden (GP, Health policy)
  • Dr David Brunacci (Medical Informatics)
  • Prof Graham Buirski (Musculoskeletal, Patient Information)
  • Dr Michael Bynevelt (Neurology/Head and Neck)
  • Mr Terry Cook (Carer Representative)
  • Prof Jenny Doust (Clinical Epidemiology, GP)
  • Dr John Herron (Abdomen imaging)
  • Dr Eamon Koh (Musculoskeletal)
  • Dr Emmeline Lee (Women's Imaging)
  • Dr Jeanne Louw (Chest and Cardiovascular)
  • Dr William MacDonald (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Dr Michael Mason (Musculoskeletal)
  • Dr Brett Montgomery (General Practitioner)
  • Prof Paul Norman (Vascular Surgery)
  • Dr Martin Reed (Canada, Paediatrics)
  • Prof Peter Scally (Medical Education)
  • Dr Peter Shipman (Paediatrics)
  • Dr Andrew Thompson (Neurology/Head and Neck)
  • Dr Nicholas Wambeek (Musculoskeletal)
  • Dr Yuranga Weerakkody (Image Gallery)
  • Mr Chris Whennan (Medical Imaging Technologist)
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